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★ AFV Part 506 – Americas Funniest Home Videos Clips Compilation

Cryptic Fans Facebook : My Facebook: Follow me on Twitter: My FAILchannel: My NEWS blooper channel: DID YOU LIKE these America’s funniest home videos? CrypticAFV has a great fun channel with 100+ hours (!) of video fun like this. A compilation of the funniest home videos with bloopers from all over the world. Funny home video part 506.

25 thoughts on “★ AFV Part 506 – Americas Funniest Home Videos Clips Compilation

  1. I still give you thumbs up ’cause your just great!! 🙂

  2. I love it, love it . love it. ♥

  3. without cryptic vids my day is not complete XD

  4. Awesome vids thumps up =)

  5. You’re JustBeingAwsome my friend 😉

  6. 1,037 views now,how much thumbs?

  7. I wonder where this video ran to o_o, but I bet it brought back alot of thumbs.

  8. hey u don’t even need to ask to click the like button its so awsome that even hitler would hit the like button in the end…

  9. De nada!

  10. Clicked 😉

  11. هههههههههههههههه ناااايس و ثااااانكس 

  12. have a video of a girl he star pie in the face of a guy surfing?

  13. the karate guy has some serious moves

  14. i like your vids it awesome and i like it 🙂

  15. And I like your comment!  ;P

  16. 7:50 “that’s it, squeeze him out” laughed so hard LOL

  17. Less Music More Commentary

  18. Oh holy shit, I had my laptop upside down, now it`s thumbs down! 😉 No, of course not, it`s an awesome vid, thanks! 😀

  19. 9:32 I have a new role-model!

  20. 12:02 MUCHISIMAS GRACIAS A TI!!! 😉

  21. Super, ta chaîne ! Bravo, je m’abonne !

  22. C’est gentil, merci a toi!

  23. Indonesian fans was here………………

  24. 6:21 thats what being human is all about.

  25. Man u make some funny videos wen im bored i wach ths n it makes my day!!!!

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