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★ AFV part 800 – America’s Funniest Home Videos

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23 thoughts on “★ AFV part 800 – America’s Funniest Home Videos

  1. 13:31
    Little cat : Can i have that?

  2. how can u make ur videos more noticable?

  3. nice work thank you
    from germany

  4. 14:52 AWWW so cute

  5. I always watch these whenever I want to laugh or haven’t for a long time 😀

  6. greeting from indonesia! i really love your videos!!

  7. Terima Kashi !

  8. Your video’s are awesome! keep it up
    Greetings From Finland

  9. Hello Finland, thanks for your uplifting comment. A goodnight to you!

  10. the videos that always keep me happy while in tension of the studies
    greetings from Shimla, India
    keep making more of these videos

  11. greeting from mars

  12. 14:05 halflife 2 zombie sounds

  13. That cat said “hello” lol

  14. “Howabout a little dog?” Cute kid lol

  15. 8:12 to 8:18 look at the man…

    he goes from happy to sad in just 2 secs, ohhhhhhhhh!!

  16. I love AFV .^^”
    Greetings From Thailand . ♥

  17. your videos awsome i love them
    when i’m bored i go to youtube and i type
    999 crypticAFV so i can never be bored
    oh, and greetings from phillipines

  18. arigato!!!!!

  19. lol omg!

  20. the video starts at 1:47

  21. ‘MERICAA!

  22. The cats>>> xD

  23. greeting from Sweden

    love your videos, bro


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