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★ America’s Funniest Home Videos – AFV part 244

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24 thoughts on “★ America’s Funniest Home Videos – AFV part 244

  1. 0:20 is very funny

  2. Very Funny 🙂

  3. Very Funny ^_^

  4. An Believe able 

  5. OMg the little boy in the goalie hockey gear was so damn funny.

  6. The people probably locked their knees for a long period of time which restricts blood flow to their head,

  7. Nederland 3

  8. SBS 6

  9. 9:23 funniest face ever

  10. 6:34

  11. 12 years since I’ve first seen that lawnmower clip.

    Still no idea how they managed to do it.

  12. typical yanks

  13. the lawnmower very funny

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  15. Nice narrative

  16. کف. ت

  17. when i saw lawnmower i was like ” mmk…mmk… what the?!? O_o OMG it’s possessed!!!” but then i LOL’d

  18. 9:05 eso es posible O.o !?!?! xD


  20. from 5:53 to 6:33..

  21. 7:37 – “The days of fall…” *falls off a tree*

    That was so ironic. I’m laughing so hard I can’t breathe.

  22. 8:34

  23. Come back lawnmower

  24. It’s an RC plane/chopper look at the wheels they’re not thouching the ground and you can see that there’s no blades whatsoever on the bottom just a cardboard sheet

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