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★ Americas Funniest Home Videos part 491 YOU LIKE these America’s funniest home videos? 999Cryptic has a great fun channel with 80+ hours (!) of video fun like this. A compilation of the funniest home videos from all over the world, part 491.

25 thoughts on “★ Americas Funniest Home Videos part 491

  1. @999crypticAFV what about on justin bieber videos? the “baby” music video has almost 400 million views and almost twice the dislikes than likes.

  2. @natdot2804 she said, then i would whisper you to stop singing… 😛

  3. Rofl ”It’s a chicken nugget”

  4. @natdot2804 She said ”I’m going to wish for you to stop singing” lol

  5. hahas ^^ watching all this vids make me feel so much better

  6. 4:27 lol

  7. 0:01 OMG buhahhahahahhaa !!!! xD

  8. @natdot2804 She said: Then i would whisper you to stop singing…. 😀

  9. Fear the chicken nugget animal

  10. what the heck it that red thing @ 6:00 ?

  11. @999crypticAFV did u notice at 0:51 the cake was ok

  12. that was awesome…..ur d best…..

  13. @bakufrend
    looks like lobster

  14. first one is the best LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

  15. 999cryptic’s videos are so damn funny!!!!

  16. @999crypticAFV what is ur name buddy?

  17. LMAO a chicken nugget XD

  18. whats that thing at 6:00

  19. LOVE IT!!!(: the fish one were all the
    Little kids freak out is the funniest I couldn’t stop laughing that I almost pucked and peed my self(; lol

  20. OMG! i love the 1 where those 2 girls were on the tredmill and the fat one was laughing @ the girl who was running on it then she jumps on and she starts smashing into the wall!! hhahahahah LMFAO <3

  21. the narrator is so annoyng

  22. Wasn’t really to funny

  23. what kind of animal is it?


    that was toooo cute! good answer lil girl!

  24. 4:33 LOL I startet crying cuz’ I laughed sooo much

  25. the last guy really got pissed. wat an ahole

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