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β˜… America’s Funniest Home Videos part 536

Sorry: video is blocked in Germany πŸ™ 100 hours of America’s funniest home videos! 999crypticAFV has a great fun channel with compilations of the funniest home videos from all over the world. This is part 536.

25 thoughts on “β˜… America’s Funniest Home Videos part 536

  1. She is a SH*T woman at 9:29

  2. eerst al, Let’s go! met al die niezen, ik kwam niet meer bij. En nu ik aan dat paard denk schiet ik weer in de lach!! geweldig!

  3. 9:04 Wait ’till you smelled MY cooking!

  4. the last one is “epic” lol

  5. 9:25 ой бляяяяя

  6. @RoseStarProductions Maybe those people didn’t like the half-naked baby, all the snivel and peeing kids what the start of the video was all about. Can’t say they’re my favorite clips either, to be honest =P

  7. @RoseStarProductions I forgot to mention that poop might also affect, but you might have guessed that.

  8. the last one was the best

  9. 17 people used the same shampoo. love doe maar op’t eind cryptic!

  10. @Jeankestunt Mwhahahahaha =)))))))))

  11. haha that’s what you get….hahahahah you got pooped on

  12. LOL the last wong and the baby with the thong to funny! hahahahaha

  13. the most funn one where the ppl running into things especialy the one that run into the glass window.

  14. ewwwwwwww the last 1 :S

  15. πŸ™‚

  16. DARING MOMENT AT 8:20…..

  17. Eww, that was disgusting with the horse but AWESOME.

  18. @JeankestuntIT’S 18 NOW

  19. shampoop lol

  20. lol shampooooop

  21. 9:03 wow I haven’t laughed so hard I cried in a loong time X,DDDDDDD

  22. wow noodles up the babys nose 3:44
    and the horse poo shampoo…..

  23. good horsy

  24. who are the 18 people who disliked this?!!!?!!!

  25. 7:54 .. I’m not even gonna lie .. I’d do that. xDDD
    That happened to us once before and man … it’s awesome ! xD

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