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★ Cryptic’s Funniest Home Videos part 612

DID YOU LIKE these Americas funniest home videos? 999Cryptic has a great fun channel with 100+ hours (!) of video fun like this. A compilation of the funniest home videos with bloopers from all over the world. Funny video part 612. Backup: Cryptic Fans Facebook : My Facebook: Follow me on Twitter: My FAILchannel: My NEWS blooper channel:

25 thoughts on “★ Cryptic’s Funniest Home Videos part 612

  1. Great video!!!

  2. Wait…that kid’s name is Indy? That’s awesome!

  3. Another great video, and I always love your ending with words of wisdom! 😉

  4. Make a GROSSED OUT PEOPLE complitation please??? =)

  5. wery funny video:D:D:D:D thanks or upload XD

  6. muy bueno amigo Cryptic…muchas gracias por divertirnos mucho con tus videos amigo, mil gracias.

  7. 6:07 I don’t know if man or a woman but he is looks like Leonardo Dicaprio….. and it’s cute 😛


  9. 拔毛

  10. @999CrypticAfv don’t ask do we like your videos or no. We loves ’em =))

  11. @ 8:36 is great

  12. The first guy is simply amazing, couldn’t stop laughing.

  13. it´s taking FOREVER to load…. i cant take it any longer!

  14. money cant buy happines 😀

  15. this one made me laugh so hard! XD

  16. Yay!! Another vid to keep my mind off the stress from exams next week:D

  17. hey there friend,
    thanks for the laugh.I really needed this always you did it.
    its all great video are great .trying to just survive and its not easy.when you are living near the most hatred people’s.I was challenged by few and the guy wanted to bit the S*** out of me.and I went into street and told him go ahaead do what you want to do this f***** Cripple .!but other guy pulled him away.and his wife well all i know I can’t live or have things on my property wi

  18. The kid with the 10 dollars is my favorite. I couldn’t stop laughing! XDDDDD

  19. 6:08 epic throw

  20. i love the dog who says hello so funny at 1:18 to 1:25

  21. 8:03 CREEPERRRR !!

  22. should i have a halmet, ouch!!

  23. The best as usuall

  24. This is how im going to last during my degree. thankyou!

  25. this is sooo funnny!

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