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★ MAYBE THE BEST FUNNY DOGS COMPILATION EVER Americas Funniest home videos part 370

DID YOU LIKE these America’s funniest home videos? 999Cryptic has a great fun channel with days (!) of fun like this. Funny home videos about dogs from all over the world, part 370.

25 thoughts on “★ MAYBE THE BEST FUNNY DOGS COMPILATION EVER Americas Funniest home videos part 370


  2. cheers cryptic – whenever i’m bored, i just type “funniest home videos” in youtube and laugh myself silly – Great job

  3. I am looking for a video of a white dog walking on a leash that refuses to step on lines. The dog is like Obsessive or something. Can anyone help me find it?

  4. lol! 4:59 :’) i am crying laughing !

  5. 7:54 is simply adorable. X3

  6. my dog is even more hilarious

  7. my dog is even more hilarious

  8. Gotta make a video with my 11 dogs.

  9. Lmao! 3:28 is too cute 😛

  10. it gets realy funny at four min and fifty five sec

  11. Great video
    i like it

  12. Nothing screams responsible adults like shoving a puppy in a box. Awesome video, thanks for uploading it!

  13. The dog at 2:50 is scary

  14. this is from the dutch television called: sbs 6 🙂

  15. the baby laughing is adorable!!!

  16. @2:59 funnnay

  17. the dog that does not want to take a bath had me dieing that shit was funny

  18. Haha that was really funny!! you should check out my funny dog video titled: Yoshi’s Bottle Escape

    its halarious!!

  19. Thumbs if you always come here when you are upset and you want something to cheer you up 🙂
    I know I do


  21. not funny on the last clip but priceless

  22. 2:36. Tell me that isn’t a werewolf?!

  23. @neveralone27 It can be found here: watch?v=i8mDAae7LEY

  24. what kind of language is this cant understand

  25. Animals are not PRESENTS!

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