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☺ Animal Edition #2 – AFV | OrangeCabinet

Part 140 If you are a fan of AFV stop by and visit my YouTube Channel for more videos just like this and don’t forget to subscribe to keep up with all my lat…

25 thoughts on “☺ Animal Edition #2 – AFV | OrangeCabinet

  1. That dog and the tube that’s not funny that’s abuse

  2. i know why meowth cud talk… 😛

  3. oooh my piaaano

  4. Except for when it tips over it never goes under water. Nearly drowning
    would involve being under the water without air.

  5. That’s how they swim…

  6. jumping cat is thevthe bomb

  7. Primates freak me out, NASTY creatures!

  8. Some people are just plain dumb and cruel!!Well at least he didn’t drown so
    I suppose they’re kinda right….:)

  9. Loved the talking animals

  10. 1:55 best cat (MAMAAAA….

  11. hi =)

  12. your right!

  13. You DO know that nobody falls for this shit, right?

  14. some of the videos were not completed…it kinda ruined the humor..

  15. Yeah, talk about rabies.

  16. Excellent 😀

  17. Yea you’re right. atleast he’s fine, (:

  18. That dog in 6:15 is just my favorite. 😀

  19. 2:30 sounds like little old Jewish man!! LOL

  20. The cat at 6:18 …………..lmao lmao lmao

  21. What was that at 11.30? Bird? Didn’t see. Great funny video! 😛 Except for
    the drowning dog in the ring and the poor poodle they made fly with the
    mattress. That’s stressing a dog completely for no reason. Not fun. Nice to
    see some people getting what they had coming for teasing the animals
    though. Like the boy that got scared of the birds, and the cats. 🙂

  22. 2:40 japanese accent cat

  23. very funny 😀 😀

  24. You guys have to use GAMMER.

  25. haha 

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