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2011_04_17 AFV Monkeys Montage

in Brady’s honor

19 thoughts on “2011_04_17 AFV Monkeys Montage

  1. Me and my sister have been looking for this since it aired! Thank you!!

  2. i LOVE MONKEY’S!!!

  3. this is definently a cheer up video

  4. 1:04 LOL

  5. If only there was one when a monkey waS DRINKING A BEER

  6. 1:04-gets me, my parents & my brother everytime 😉

  7. what is name of the song?
    can somebody tell me?:)

  8. 1:04 I’ve been looking for that chimp for the longest! “Give me my money” lol

  9. cute luv the monkey ridin the bicycle ”smokin” a cigar! LOL

  10. i’ve seen the 1:04 part at Rise of the Planet of the Apes movie i think.

  11. Best video ever!!!! Don’t ever delete this one!!!

  12. 1:16

  13. 0:52

  14. Me on redbull at 1:01-1:03

  15. I’m watching this as Tom Bergeron hosts July 4 celebrations in Washington.

  16. 1:07 that make me laugh really hard ;D

  17. 1:04
    I couldnt…
    Oh my gawd

  18. funniest video i have ever seen

  19. 1:04
    I couldn’t breathe.

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