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5 funny commercials

this is veeeeeeeeeeery funny COMMERCIAL

25 thoughts on “5 funny commercials

  1. hhahahahha, that was funny xD

  2. Haha ROFL!!!!

  3. lol LAST ONE WAS AWESOME………..

  4. This shit is too funny!!!!!!

  5. Whats with the horriable song in beggening/ end?

  6. Very very funy i really like it

  7. @MrShmobbie Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day

  8. wahahahahahahaha

  9. Stuff like this happens way to often to me! Lol

  10. omg! haha 😀 glad that there is such a company, because the police often thinks that my daughter is a hooker

  11. The concert one made me lol ;D

  12. @MrShmobbie Green Day Boulevard of Broken Dreams

  13. that killed him . lol 🙂

  14. if i had a nickel for every pixel in this video.. ide have one nickel..

  15. The Hospital and the last one is dub funny,hahahaha!!!

  16. i liked thet 4th one 🙂

  17. Lmfao that is hilarious that killed him.

  18. awww… it cut it out but with the one with the police he says “she’s my daughter” at the end

  19. omfg!!!!! it definatly looked like the man was eating dog s***

  20. Great quality of story!
    Funny and smart.
    I like them a lot.

  21. click 2:28 to skip commercials

  22. great bud light commercials budlightcommercials(.)net

  23. SO FUNNY!! LUV IT!!

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  25. Press 1 for cat awesomeness.
    Press 5 for..well you’ll get it when you see it…
    and press 7 for something….

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