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A Monkey Kissing Beautiful Ladies!

This is one of those TV shows like JUST FOR LAUGHS where the ladies think that they are testing lipsticks by kissing guys, but little do they know that they are actually kissing a chimp blindfolded! quite funny!!!

25 thoughts on “A Monkey Kissing Beautiful Ladies!

  1. The first one is orangutang and second chimpanzee

  2. I would have made her kiss the monkeys anus.

  3. That would be every monkey’s dream, every girl’s nightmare.

  4. Know that’s how HIV is spread. Poor girls.

  5. Haha.The monkeys got horney

  6. ewww…. okay funny but ewwwww @_@ i wouldn’t want to be in her place

  7. that girls desperate want kiss . Here you go

  8. Damn they didnt show the face of the girl that was sucking on the monkeys tongue. at 1:28

  9. lucky monkeys

  10. @genibrain123 HIV isn’t spread by quick kissing. Know your facts if you want to sound smart on the internet.

  11. @InformatikSuperheld u got issues with ur ego. Just so u know that

  12. @genibrain123 looks like it’s you who has those issues with my ego 😉

  13. @genibrain123 looks like it’s you who has those issues with my ego 😉

  14. @genibrain123 looks like it’s actually you who has issues with my ego 😉

  15. that was so fucked up!!!!!!! hahahahahahahaha

  16. EWWWW WTF?? LMAO:D ha

  17. ill be fine??? i doubt that!!!

  18. so,they are monkey girls

  19. They should have made it a porn audition and had the woman give the chimps oral sex.

  20. omfg LOL

  21. One of those monkeys has to be Richard Dawson in disguise! LMAO

  22. Now the girls have rabies

  23. Lucky monkeys

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  25. Nothing quite like monkey tongue to get your day started………….

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