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Absurd Disappearing Woman Prank

Shopping for new appliances has never brought so much anxiety. Wouldn’t you be anxious if you saw a woman get sucked by a huge fan and disappear? Don’t miss …

25 thoughts on “Absurd Disappearing Woman Prank

  1. You guys are amazing with your pranks

  2. Lol I love the shoe at the end.

  3. Funny, love it, but I would have love it more if they had throw blood and
    human parts after she was sucked by the fan. 

  4. buenisimo

  5. Click ear!

  6. very very funny!!

  7. Hahaha

  8. that fan sucks

  9. Did they really make a fake wall for this one particular prank only?

  10. The shoe-drop!!! Genius!

  11. “click ere” 😀 love when she says it!

  12. ha ha ha ha so funny :)

  13. Glad there are some places with a sense of humor so you guys can still do
    pranks like this!

  14. Could you imagine if they dropped fake blood down after she got sucked up?

  15. Marie-pierre has a very pretty smile… good prank MP

  16. Why did not you put some drops of blood hhhhhhhhhhhhh ( >_< )

  17. idk, if I thot me pushing a button caused a person to be sucked into
    whirling blades, I think I’d be a wee bit more hysterical than those ladies

  18. 1:39 I don’t know, which am I click. ;__;

  19. these kind of pranks are so inocent and so harmfulness that bores me ass
    off so fucking much

  20. They should do it more realistic. Like pouring down blood and big clunchest
    of meat with pieces of her cloths on afterwards. So that they get a better

  21. Ahahahahaaaahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! 😀 😀
    So funny!!!!!!!!! Please!! Make longer candid!!!!!!!! ^_____^
    Greetings from Italy!!! 🙂 🙂 :)

  22. I died when the shoe dropped.

  23. So funny… Canadians have the bests pranks. I dun are what anyone says two
    thumbs up Canada. 

  24. Oh that’s scary! Lol.

  25. good one

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