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AFV Airplane montage

The airplane montage from AFV.

25 thoughts on “AFV Airplane montage

  1. Holy Crap! That was funny

  2. @llamalover02 yea:)

  3. whenever i see this i think to myself, “boom headshot!”

  4. 1:16 nice goin grandpa

  5. Who are the 2 assholes who didn’t like this video?! May they die without knowing a sense of humor.

  6. the one that should be on failblog is the one at 26 seconds to 28 seconds

  7. 1:09-1:14 LOL XD

  8. uh oh 9/11

  9. what episode was this from AFV?

  10. 0:10 Pilot: “Wrong button.”

  11. I didn’t see the twin towers one. Im joking.

  12. whats the song?

  13. what is the freaking song?!

  14. unfortunately none of the funny clips ever get nominated to win. it’s always the stupid shit like,, “baby has a stupid look on it’s face” or “little kid splashes in pool and then cries at camera” or “baby smears food on its face then pukes”. none of the clips that win are actually funny, ever!!! and that’s just retarded.

  15. @anglicky69 I’ve noticed that. Also, if anything is ever, even vaguely “patriotic”, that’s your winner for sure. Now that’s really retarded, those don’t seem to have to be funny at all..

  16. @robholx i wouldn’t say that the video clips i’ve described were “patriotic” at all. the videos i’m talking about are more for soft-hearted dorks or grandparents or people who think every silly ugly thing is “cute”. i think it’s the shows way of not rewarding people getting hurt and not encouraging that behavior. yet at the same time, the show is full of stuff like that. so why do they always give people with ugly babies or ridiculous pets the winning nominations. that stuff isn’t funny.

  17. This wasn’t funny, this was depressing. D=

  18. The last guy killed me lol

  19. 1:10 Missed =[ 1:12 Back for Another one..

  20. 0:15 would REALLY hurt! :O

  21. @tdnosnhojtheaters “Night on Bald Mountain” by Mussorgsky

  22. @tdnosnhojtheaters “Night on Bald Mountain”- Mussorgsky

  23. song they used?

  24. @anglicky69 I know, right? Why does the baby with the silly face always win against the guy getting hit in the nuts? It makes no sense.

  25. yeah
    you can tell whos the smart one in all those videos
    its the guy who ducks

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