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Animals of YouTube sing “Deck the Halls”

Link to buy song: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from me and the animals of YouTube. Big thanks to EVERYONE who submitted videos of their pets. I tried my best to use them all! Be a fan on facebook: Follow on twitter:

25 thoughts on “Animals of YouTube sing “Deck the Halls”

  1. JUPE! ALWAYS sceptic.

  2. this is sooooo cute *.*

  3. the turtle kinda looks like mine! 😀

  4. this video is used in a sprint comercial

  5. Awwww sooo cute animals! I love animals!

  6. That is so funny

  7. Jupiter XD

  8. Hahaha all animals so cute

  9. 12 days of Christmas is way better.


  10. Do I have to say it yes. F** k. (:

  11. You are so funny! I love these:)

  12. i watched this in school lol

  13. This totally brightened my whole day, and I needed that!!!!!

  14. fish.


  16. i agree

  17. Never gets old. <3
    I watch this every Christmas.

  18. deck the halls with joy and jolly falalalala deck the season to be jolly falalalala

  19. i watch this in school today 5 days in till christmas thursday at music

  20. love your anmail

  21. I freaking love the golden retriever “Don we now are gay apparel!” cracks me up every time!!

  22. “Oh! i forgot the words!” XD!!!!!

  23. Gotta love that ending.

  24. The ducks crack me up

  25. Wonderful Christmas video! I watch it every Christmas too!

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