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Asian Stereotypes Will RULE The World

Well there you have it, I simply HAD to make a video about Asian Stereotypes. It’s just such a funny thing to talk about. No racial. I love all races. Facebook: Twitter: More videos: Subscribe: Background Music: www.youtubecom

25 thoughts on “Asian Stereotypes Will RULE The World

  1. I hate how since I talk french, people think I come from France… and sometimes insult me for no obvious reasons .-. (When I went to the USA, mostly >.>)

  2. u dance?

  3. lol i love asians

  4. omg ur vidz make me laff tooo much =D especially the eatting ur dog part

  5. But you has KUNG FU! Why are they beating you up! They should be scared!

  6. Its not karate its kung fu!

  7. awesome, you found your signature ending! i love it (:

  8. my family sortA eat dog… I’m Korean =/

  9. I’m Viet/Chinese.
    What I always hear, no matter what the question is…my reason for why it is because i’m asian 😀

    btw..people in vietnam eat dogs >>”
    i don’t, i love dogs .. i find it terrible D:

  10. SOME asians eat dog

  11. Press right click at the play botton and prees save video as……..:D you h8 me right? 😀


  13. Im Canadian,
    i ride polar bears, dont hate.

  14. The thing i hate – someone squints their eyes and goes “ching ching”
    The thing i love – S.W.A.G – something we asians got.

  15. arabic=Terrorist… 🙁

  16. I love asians and their creativity 😀 i hate it when people are so racist and assume that all asians are the common stereotypical asian male or female…
    something like that..

  17. Gingers


  19. can you dance in the next video?? pretty please?

  20. asian dominashunnnnn

  21. as per all asian families, my cousins are super super smart. when they find out i’m related to them, they give me the ‘what the fuck, why arent you smart too?’ look.

  22. @Moyemimi russian im assuming

  23. you’re pretty cute! haha. (:

  24. I’d say I hate the English people have bad teeth, drink tea and eat crumpets everyday stereotype… but all these things are true, for me at least… Proper Yorkshire lark

  25. To go in school and have people automatically think your smart is pretty awesome 😀 the one i think is annoying is that, we’re bad drivers apparently?

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