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award winning funny commercial

award winning very funny commercial

25 thoughts on “award winning funny commercial

  1. @Obsessedxx What is he saying?

  2. @TheMoreMagical Can you kindly explain whats the needles doing to him ? is it some kind of massage ?
    Please Explain , Thanks

  3. @SenoritaPakistan it’s called acupuncture, it release little bits of medicine into your body that’s supposed to make you feel calm & relaxed.

  4. @greg81809 lol, turns out it really will be in a final destination movie 😀

  5. @SenoritaPakistan its acupuncture, its for people with problems liek stress, smoking problems or things liek that, its supposed to fix an disturbed energy flow in your body so you feel more relaxed and so you will feel better. you can find more info via google but thats the main thing about it i think 🙂

  6. haha xD

  7. pull them out and jump!!!!!!

  8. @Obsessedxx what the chinese say ?

  9. @Obsessedxx but that’s not chinese

  10. @Obsessedxx It is not chinese, it is Hokkien.

  11. this should be put in SAW movie

  12. whats this an ad for?

  13. Star taking them out quick!

  14. @Obsessedxx care to translate?

  15. chinese always do it!!

  16. its scary not funny 😛

  17. its dutch
    at the end it says hear london calling

  18. nice ! total views: 3,031,105 bye..! loved this more..!!!

  19. Yeah, Just go die in the flames.

  20. pull that sh*t out!

  21. @lewdi333 A Dutch insurance company, Centraal Beheer Achmea. Their commercial slogan is ‘even Apeldoorn bellen’ wich is something like ‘let’s call Apeldoorn’. Apeldoorn is the place where the insurancecompany headquarter is.

  22. @dj0brainsick cheers buddy

  23. Yea a dutch commercial 😛
    I laughed so hard when i saw this one for the first time on tv

  24. i am happy that this video com’s from the netherlands.

  25. wait a minute……..they give out awards to commercials WTF

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