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Babies Eating Lemons for First Time Compilation 2013 [HD]

Babies Taste Lemons For The First Time | Babies Trying Lemon for the First Time | Babies Eat Lemons for the First Time Compilation | Baby Eats Lemon | Babies Tasting Lemons for the First Time…

25 thoughts on “Babies Eating Lemons for First Time Compilation 2013 [HD]

  1. Rabies At aka OK àp apt ddde Eating Lemons for First Time Compilation 2…:

  2. Omigod. Why would these awful parents feed their children fruit?!

  3. In some of the comments they say they hate babies but you know what they
    where babies to!

  4. Hi my name is baby and today I’m gonna try the lemon-challenge 

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    Compilation 2014 [NEW HD]

  6. Can lemons be green? Some of those looked more like limes. Although, I’m no
    expert on Tropic citrus fruits. lol

  7. Aww, good wholesome family friendly child abuse. 

  8. I was watching gun videos how the fuck did I get here

  9. so cute..and lemons are good for harm at all.

  10. MUST WATCH!! Soo funny!!

  11. Super funny and cute baby

  12. i hate stupid babies!!!!

  13. Okay…nobody told me that I would think about actually *wanting one of
    (babies) after I’ve seen all these videos lol! Aww, I want to be a

  14. Why do babies look like old people

  15. Lemons are like maruwana for kids so essentially these people are giving
    their kids maruwana.You can see them getting high with it. it was the same
    reaction i got when i first tried veed.Now these fat bastard babies will
    bully the other fucking babies and cause a chain reaction and they will
    grow up to become niggers who rob. The parents should be given electronic

  16. Lemon can be a new bitter sensation for your baby, but when is it safe for

    When your child is able to start solid foods, usually between four and six
    months of age, he or she is eager to take in the new tastes and textures.
    As parents, we want to make sure our children are eating the foods that are
    the most healthy and beneficial to their growth and development.

    While fruits and vegetables are an essential part of your baby’s diet, not
    all of them are particularly safe for your baby to enjoy at a young age.
    One of these fruits is lemons. While lemons are packed with vitamins and
    nutrients that are great for your baby’s growth and development, they are
    also packed with acids. Plus, their sour taste may not be enjoyable to your
    young baby.

    The acids found in citrus foods are known as citric acids. These acids can
    be very hard on your baby’s digestive system, and may result in your child
    having a rash. If your baby is very sensitive to new foods, it is best to
    hold off introducing lemons into their diet until after his or her first

    Can I Give My Baby Lemon? Answer: From 8-10 Months

    If your child is not sensitive to new foods, and you think your baby would
    enjoy the sour taste of a lemon, you can give them a small piece of
    a lemon around eight to ten months of age. You should, however, limit it to
    a small piece to see if there is a reaction. While the acid in lemons may
    cause a rash around your child’s mouth, it may also cause a diaper rash, so
    be sure to check your baby thoroughly to see if he or she is experiencing
    any effects.

    If you have given your child a lemon and have not noticed any negative side
    effects, you can continue giving small pieces of lemon to your child every
    so often. The vitamins and nutrients are great for your child, but the
    acidity is still there, and consuming too much citric acid could be hard on
    your baby’s digestive system. So basically, do not give your child a lemon
    every day.

    Some children have a sensitivity to the acid in lemons, which can result in
    an allergic reaction. When you first introduce lemons to your little one,
    make sure to either serve it alone or with another food your child has
    already enjoyed. It is always best to wait three days in between feeding
    your child new foods. This way, if your child does have an allergic
    reaction, you will know which food caused it.

    When your child starts solid foods, it is always best to serve them foods
    that have been mashed, pureed or cut up into very small pieces. While
    mashing or pureeing lemons is odd, you should make sure the lemon you feed
    to your child is cut up into very small pieces and is rid of any seeds.
    Even if your baby has mastered eating finger foods, and even though lemons
    are soft, pieces that are not cut small enough can easily get lodged in
    your child’s throat, causing your child to choke.

    Remember, due to the citric acid found in lemons as well as the sour taste,
    you may want to hold off on introducing lemons to your child until after
    his or her first birthday, especially if your child is prone to having a
    sensitivity to new foods. The citric acid is hard for your child’s
    digestive system to process, and can result in a rash or stomach upset. If
    your child is not prone to food sensitivity, you can feed your child a
    small amount of a lemon around eight to ten months of age.

    Be sure to only introduce them to a small amount at first and wait three
    days to see if signs of a sensitivity or allergy appears. If your child
    does not have any reactions, you can add small pieces of lemon to their
    diet every so often. Do not give them a lemon every day, as consuming a
    good amount of citric acid can still be hard on your child’s digestive

    Remember, if you have any questions about introducing solids to your child,
    feeding your child lemons, or possible food sensitivity in your child, it
    is always best to consult with your child’s pediatrician. He or she will be
    able to further discuss your concerns and answer your questions in more
    thorough detail.


  17. ahh yerim bn sizi…

  18. Babies Eating Lemons for First Time Compilation 2…:

  19. 2:04 was the cutest baby oml *heart eyes emoji*

  20. Hmmm what a cute little bby♥♥

  21. Babies will eat anything lol

  22. Cute babies ,,tried this with my nephew too 

  23. I wish all these babies die and get eaten by dogs.

  24. +Isabelle Amanda A lot of parents have done this to their babies, your
    parents probably did it to you. No one remembers this kinda stuff, no harm
    is done. How can you not find joy in this video?

  25. I like how everyone is like “Giving fucking lemon to your baby is abuse!”
    Bitch how!?
    It is fruit, lemon is not harming the baby in any way!
    The faces they make is something that is normal because of the sourness. We
    also make them for the same reason. And parents videotape funny moments
    with their kids! It is normal. Your baby wont be 11months for an eternity,
    so why not keep a memory?
    I’m a 90’s woman, and my mom has tons of videos of my brother and I. Heck,
    my brother has a picture of my dad giving him a sip of beer (bless his
    soul). That picture is tresured by my brother, and just in case you were
    wondering he is a healthy non alcoholic person. So you all sensitive people
    stop it because it makes me pissed. You don’t have kids but you are fucking
    smartasses on the subject because you look it up from unreliable sourses.
    It is called EXPERIENCE bitch.

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