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Bacon Dog Teaser : Funny Dog Talking

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15 thoughts on “Bacon Dog Teaser : Funny Dog Talking

  1. lyrics:
    man: BANANA
    man: i want more
    dog: buwuwuwuuhuuwhuuwh
    man:show me your teeth
    classic 😀

  2. Mate…that dog is going to rip you apart when your asleep on the couch you know!!

  3. Awww, look it doesn’t like to show it teeth :O

  4. This dog is really a werewolf

  5. What is your deal with the teeth? I mean… alright I get it after the second time…

  6. 20000th viewer!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Smart Dog!

  8. That dog is fantastic

  9. Aww he is so cute and smart 😀

  10. my cockateil just fell off my shoulder after he saw his teeth LOL

  11. What a great GSD!!!! We would love it if you stopped by and said hello on our Facebook page, German Shepherd: The Best Dog On The Planet. Post some photos as well as some of your videos. facebook .com /PlanetShepherd

  12. Here here here

  13. I mean hee hee hee

  14. XD AWWW! n my pug puppy watched the last part with me! she got on my screen n stuck her nose in the way over the video XDDD

  15. lol

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