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Batman Underwear Run

You guys SMASHED that like button in our last video with WAY over 5k likes! Now Dennis has to run down Main St wearing those Batman underwear, better yet its snowing outside! NEW Cops Only PRAAANK Tomorrow!!!!! New Just For Laughs Gags Police Prank featuring Roman Atwood & Dennis Roady Police Vomit Prank Follow Roman Here – Follow Dennis Here – Instagram – Instagram – T-Shirts HERE – Thanks so much for watching. Please help us out by sharing with some friends! Love you guys!

25 thoughts on “Batman Underwear Run

  1. Start shavin

  2. man 15k got destroyed

  3. Shave your head buddy!

  4. Watching this and it as 17 thousand likes lol

  5. Ohh how I love Batman

  6. Lets see you bald now haha

  7. more den 1500 likes soo shave

  8. Looks like some one is shaving there head…

  9. Nice vocabulary. “Asshole.”

  10. Shaving time!!


  12. Wow look how many likes?!?

  13. He is probably pissed now after he saw 17000 haha!!

  14. BUTTMAN!!!

  15. Hahahahaha I didn’t think you would reach 15k likes 😀

  16. Bald

  17. shave that head

  18. Shave it!!! And also, wear a seat belt!!

  19. You didn’t say what he needed to shave.

  20. Holy Fuck Hahaha he probably shit himself

  21. he shaved his head its up on this channel.

  22. bzzzzzzzzzz

  23. He’s shaving it

  24. 17 and still going I’m tweeting it all over

  25. noob

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