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Behind the Scenes: Seriously Funny Kids With Heidi Klum

Take a behind the scenes tour of Heidi Klum’s newest television show, Seriously Funny Kids.

21 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes: Seriously Funny Kids With Heidi Klum

  1. would watch it, cause of heidi

  2. So much hotter than Bill Cosby.

  3. Don’t touch Heidi’s phone!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. this show is bust

  5. I love Heidi <3

  6. Wow, Heidi looks so much more approachable here than on Project Runway (as she should be). Very impressed by how versatile she can be on TV.

  7. she got botox!! looks much better 🙂

  8. this actually looks like a good show

  9. pause at 0:14 !!

  10. love it…this is so cool !…love Heidi Klum !

  11. @xoxoJuicyCoutureoxox yesssssssssssssssss i totally love this show…and of course i love Heidi Klum!..this is kidda cute,,, Heidi looks amazing

  12. Hat die es denn So Nötig sich über kinder Lustig zu machen??? Weiss ja nicht….!

  13. ну епть..а в россию это шоу доберётся только через пару лет Оо

  14. @jeffersonsdreday
    Die Klum?
    Klar, sie kann ja nicht nur auf Teenies rumhacken, da fühlen sich die Kleinen doch noch vernachlässigt…

  15. actually, I saw this the other day and didn’t think it was that funny at all. the home videos were funny, but not heidi so much.

  16. I just watch it cuz heidi is hot

  17. Terrible show and seriously contradictory title.

  18. this show is seriously not funny

  19. poor kids…

  20. OMG Why arent ALL the children black??? Is she AWARE she has done something to NOT promote the black race and encourage other white women to out breed their own race?….Somebody gotta tell her shes even talking to a white guy like she’s not a white women who’s had her sense of beauty turned to only the black race,..somebody clock the stupid b*tch one plz Id laugh my balls off at sucha sight an why is that I wonder?

  21. @xoxoJuicyCoutureoxox Shut up you stupid pathetic moo what the hell are you talking about this woman is a moral-less cheap disgrace, only dumb people would see anything but I mean let me guess, think she’s nice an not done anyone harm?.well yeh but when the ability to be an example an carry oneself with grace is not applied an instead is swapped for tasteless pointless pathetic empty shoddy shit expression, gleefully,..she wants her jaw up on her forehead racist to her own people, dog

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