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Best April Fools Day Prank 2010 – ‘The Fake Celebrity’ With Jay Jay Illusionist! I Love April Fools Day! So for this year in 2010, I decided to fool a large amount of people into believing I was a big shot celebrity. I got a bunch of fans, paparazzi, PR lady, security, pretty girlfriend and a limousine just to make this April fools day prank perfect! Basically it’s a social experiment that I’ve always wanted to try and it seems that I succeeded! I never told anyone who I was, just that my name was Jay Jay. As I wanted the people to make up for their own decisions on who I was. To most people I was either a RnB artist, writer or a rich man from India. I had so much fun fooling the people for April Fools day and I still laugh on how gullible people were. Anyway, check out the video and tell me what you think?? Everyone Needs A Laugh…Go Fool A Few People! Jay Jay ps – Are you on facebook? If so, add me! http

25 thoughts on “Best April Fools Day Prank 2010 – ‘The Fake Celebrity’ With Jay Jay Illusionist!

  1. Jay Jay,

    What did the guy with blue shirt told you on 2:05 – 2:09. Dying to know.

    Please reply

  2. great prank Jay Jay………oi can u do it again at the South Bank or something………..anyway…what is the name of that song that was playing ???????………..luv the prank just awesome……

  3. i have to try thast. this video is freakin funny. haha. you’re a good acter.

  4. Kids these days… they’re something else… what ever happened to just going out cow tipping after a night of debauchery and drinking…. everyone’s a variety show host… LOL!!

  5. ahaha lol ohhh jay jay lol

  6. awsome !!!!

  7. Did You Pay Those People Who Said That You’re Taller In Person?

  8. hahahahha!!! youre awsome

  9. I am sorry but I think people acted disgusting!!!!! As soon as they were believed to be famous their privacy and personal space was soooooo invaded! I can honestly say that I have NEVER dreamed of being famous…wealthy hell yeah! Those young girls/guys didn’t even know which “Celebrity” you were…”I’m never washing my hand again”! What a little puke!! Sorry touches the tail bone! UGGGHHH!

  10. omg they just fell right into it… best aprils foolls joke ever!!1

  11. how much did it cost you to hire all these people to live out your fantasy of being a celebrity?

  12. omg

  13. @MsPeterpie lol chill out

  14. @crazykenny36 You couldn’t come across a more “Chill” kinda girl!! “Chill” with personality! Noni

  15. You’re hot though!

  16. AHHHH!!! this is soooooo funny!! i wanna do this!

  17. Star struck suckers! Good job. I like it!

  18. i am laughing soooo hard.

  19. bahahaha what about those idiots that were like i am never washing my hand again.

  20. Hahaha Wow!!

  21. Lol this is funny 🙂

  22. aww its you from the magic thing lol i always was like wheres his new tricks lol your ace mate!

  23. omg great !!

  24. I want to do that

  25. Jayjay is a pimp.

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