www.FreeMagicLive.com I Love April Fools Day! So for this year in 2010, I decided to fool a large amount of people into believing I was a big shot celebrity. I got a bunch of fans, paparazzi, PR lady, security, pretty girlfriend and a limousine just to make this April fools day prank perfect! Basically it’s a social experiment that I’ve always wanted to try and it seems that I succeeded! I never told anyone who I was, just that my name was Jay Jay. As I wanted the people to make up for their own decisions on who I was. To most people I was either a RnB artist, writer or a rich man from India. I had so much fun fooling the people for April Fools day and I still laugh on how gullible people were. Anyway, check out the video and tell me what you think?? Everyone Needs A Laugh…Go Fool A Few People! Jay Jay ps – Are you on facebook? If so, add me! http