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Best Funny Pranks and Fails,Win Compilation part 11

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13 thoughts on “Best Funny Pranks and Fails,Win Compilation part 11

  1. the tribute to blondes is awesome !

  2. is this filmed with a piece of toast

  3. spam your friends on skype get their ip and more!

  4. a piece of toast? wow kill yourself

  5. Just a few words to the female customer at the end .. It was a honest mistake I cant tell you how many times ive dropped plates of food onto other people .. By ACCIDENT

  6. i would only be mad if i watched my food fall on someone

  7. Lmao

  8. every woman that failed were blonde.

  9. dont feed your chinchilla silicone,maybe paint thinner but not silicone.

  10. Dev

  11. 240p sucks

  12. Poopy dum so not entertainment

  13. fuckin shit

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