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Best Gay Pranks – Best of Just for Laughs Gags

Don’t miss another Gag – Subscribe!: Denis Levasseur is an excellent actor, especially when he imitates a gay guy! It’s hilarious! Check out our best gay pranks with Denis…

22 thoughts on “Best Gay Pranks – Best of Just for Laughs Gags

  1. This was hilarious 

  2. That is so annoying i hate stereotypes

  3. Tell me please 3:14 is this normal or sick,that child can see and that is
    not pride,that is SICK,these are not human rights.Oh, homosexuals please
    repent for your sins until it’s too late.Follow the Bible,word of God,live
    in Holy Spirit.Amen.

  4. I like the facial expressions of those black guys.
    Hah hah, they make me laugh!

  5. 6:34 That man’s expression is priceless…

  6. if the guys were young and cute everybody would kiss them

  7. this is homophobic!!!! 

  8. How sure are you this Denis Levasseur actually…isn’t? 0_0

  9. This is offensive to gays, and sets a bad example of gay stereotypes just

  10. Denis in pink is awesome!

  11. Check out this video on YouTube:

  12. these pranks are hilarious!! people need to lighten up. 

  13. The first one is so annoying, if a woman did that I would get angry just as
    much as if a gay or a hetero man did, like “who ever asked your opinion?” I
    cant even buy at store where the sellers keep giving opinion, like “I am
    the one buying, you have no say in this, do you want to pay for me?”. As
    for the second one, isnt the rule “man inspects man and woman inspects
    woman” to avoid this kind of embarrassment, a gay working on this kind of
    job would never act this unprofessional c.c If I was in this situation I
    would totally walk out. The others are funny, especially the 4th, I think a
    lot of people may have gave up the video when saw the first ones which is
    sad because the others are great!

  14. I burst laughing at part where they choose to kiss Dennis or accept the
    Traffic Police penalty ticket ahahha

  15. this is an insult to gay species

  16. I’m Gay I’m from México And I’m Very Happy To See That, Because In México
    The People Will Hit You If You Try To Do The Same. The Mexicans Stills Are
    Very Homophobic.
    And Nobody Takes You Drive If You Are Unknown.
    Quebec Have The Most Amazing People In The World.

  17. This is so uncomfortable to watch..

  18. Yeah I get that it’s a prank, but it’s stereotyping gays so much. It


  20. Am I the only one that feels uncomfortable watching those ‘gay’ pranks? I
    can just feel their awkwardness.. 

  21. You ”JFLG” inspired so many people to make gags just like you.

  22. Here at #JFL and in #Montreal, we are very proud of our diversity! We may
    have missed #gay pride a couple of weeks ago, so here’s a #bestof pranks to
    celebrate it our way! #prank #loveyourself #pride #funny

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