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Best of just for laughs 2011 part 9


23 thoughts on “Best of just for laughs 2011 part 9

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  2. 6:10 – 7:10 What’s music? Pvarotti? Good music.

  3. 2:18:35 What a good man
    If you can see this you did the right thing!

  4. did he find the dog ?

  5. These clips are started to look familiar..which means I’ve seen almost all of them ):

  6. Haha the guy at 1:59:49 is totally enjoying that girl’s head on his lap.

  7. …I should really start studying now…

  8. So damn fake.

  9. 1:20 Why the fuck you seen my tits you old fart???? I want the answer!!!

  10. 6:10 – What’s music? I don’t know.

  11. hey the cjick in the 40 min is a retard

  12. Is it useful to click any other links besides this one? I got a feeling this long video has them all lol:)

  13. Because I’ve watched this so much, there are several “victims” that get’s fooled twice. Looks to me its all fixed :S

  14. hahahaha los pedos :’)

  15. 42:46 Haha what the fuck?

  16. the girl at 1:24 is DAMN hot;) id like to see that naked lol

  17. yeah some of the pranks they wouldnt be able to get away with, like putting a dog in someones car?? wtf?

  18. “just one more video!!!” 2:37:14 later… PART 10!!!

  19. 6:10 – What music?

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  21. these people are seriously good citizens :)


  23. These videos are great. just keep in mind that this poster – ghsayhaghragha2 – is trying to get as many hits as possible to his you tube page. he has 20 parts to this just for laughs series. every single part has repeat after repeat from the other parts. There would be only 5 parts otherwise….

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