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Best of just for laughs 2012 part 6 – YouTube.flv

upload by:abdullahsafdar thanks for watching!!!!!!!!!!!! just for laughs 2012 part 6 and spainsh: hola amigos y gracias por ver mi video espero que guste”

25 thoughts on “Best of just for laughs 2012 part 6 – YouTube.flv

  1. Hey, I believe in god and If I saw that shit happening I would beat the fuck out of the person pushing her head down and help her out. Try not to bash religion, or people who believe in religion, it just makes you look like a moron.

  2. no way! Madtv is epic! this is funny though

  3. 1:41 is that jared leto?!

  4. 1:29 the guerilla is a black dude LOL that raysist

  5. lol

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  7. malaysia

  8. it’s so funny

  9. They play so many old folk lol

  10. Racist* and no it is not.

  11. 0:39 – ooo heeeeellll noewwwwww!

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  13. Горила в костюме гориллы….

  14. 16:37 – Hot

  15. Indeed >.<

  16. the best part is always when the pranked person is shown the camera…its always so funny!!!!

  17. 0:44 does dude really have a boner?

  18. slenders baby 7:40

  19. wwwwwwwwwoooooowwwwwwwwwwww

  20. ddffjvhbdjsgfsdjfghvfdsj genios son lo mejor…

  21. 12:25 Chinatown?

  22. 39:44 ass

  23. Racist is when you cant stand other races. think bad of them in other words.

    so you can say black man black woman what ever don’t make you racist.

  24. i wanna see more from bird-golf :]

  25. my penis brought me here

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