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Best of Just For Laughs Gags – Best Dog Pranks | Subscribe: Dogs being pranked special! Doggies and puppies galore today but most importantly, we’re launc…

25 thoughts on “Best of Just For Laughs Gags – Best Dog Pranks

  1. is the dog at 3:18 to 3:20 laughing or what?

  2. thats soo mean :(

  3. It’s so cute, yet so cruel. I DUNNO WHAT TO THINK D:

  4. Now the fire hidrant Knows what it feels like

  5. I mean now the dog knows what it feels like

  6. the last dog was like “my bone”

  7. They scared dogs for there amusement.
    Not funny to scare animals for fun.

  8. 2:22 Nooooo My Neew Dinning Plate

  9. eventually, canadian dogs are more aware with a moving objects since this

  10. *will be

  11. The bush one xD

  12. oh my god. LOL

  13. You prank dogs too wow hands down your the best prankster ecer

  14. pug in the first prank too cute, secound prank you should of had a flatter ground,I loved all the schnauzers in these pranks and you didn’t even show them the cameras in the end and tell them about the prank … jk

  15. 0:45 why the smashed window?

  16. 4:48 ha ha

  17. 4:21 ha

  18. poor dogs 

  19. Haha awww xD

  20. Did someone tel the dogs these were just pranks?

  21. Lol

  22. 0:59
    CUTEST PUG FACE EVER! -explodes-

  23. I will be impressed if you can prank a cat.

  24. That dog at the end of the bush prank was just like -forget this bush, I’m gonna find another- 😉

  25. yep, i know alot of people who think it is fake. i can tell you one thing, i’ve been getting paid about $200 a week just for letting brands know what i prefer to buy. i found it here:

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