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Best Of Just For Laughs Gags – Funniest Twilight Zone | Subscribe! DISCLAIMER: This has nothing to do with a certain recent unfortunate series of movies. No camp…

25 thoughts on “Best Of Just For Laughs Gags – Funniest Twilight Zone

  1. some of these ideas are pure genius but the presentation is horrible.

  2. player Clijsters 6:10

  3. The last one!!!!

  4. made in vietnam.

  5. the guy kinda looks like Cristiano Ronaldo

  6. 3rd one reminds me of HARVEY.

  7. Qe buenas bromas

  8. Check out the people breathing hard. That grim reaper scared the hell out of them.

  9. i like this….:)

  10. Lmao

  11. 5:45 looks like chabelo

  12. Yeah it does.

  13. Who.??.

  14. I would have gone running out of that store!

  15. awesome hahahhaaha



  18. Is’nt that the same lady for the flirting with cashier thingy prank

  19. The last one must of been a mind fuck

  20. Anyone else going on a just for laughs gags binge???

  21. first time i see the old gags in high definition

  22. have excellent joke bulrlado

  23. The first clip must have been scary experience to those people before it was revealed as joke. I also like the one with the puzzle!

  24. can you just leave your kid with a random in canada? that is so cool. sounds like such a great country i wish i could come to canada

  25. Funny hikhikhikhikhiks….. 

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