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Best Of Just For Laughs Gags – Pranking Pride | Subscribe! Celebrating pride with the best gay pranks! #ProudToLove Gay Police Officers Prank – http://yo…

25 thoughts on “Best Of Just For Laughs Gags – Pranking Pride

  1. ewww!

  2. The stop sign one was good! :)

  3. Why did all the gags have something to do with gays?

  4. tooo gay for me to watch. (like this comment if you think so too)

  5. awwwwwww 

  6. 2:03 that was a real police car

  7. Nasty

  8. haha..

  9. The first two cops are HOT! I wouldn’t mind them hitting on me :-p

  10. Here are the Gags we celebrate equality so to celebrade #gaypride and
    #proudtolove we assembled our very best collection of #gay #pranks! Best
    Of Just For Laughs Gags – Pranking Pride


  12. wow, they are really really great actors

  13. isnt it very noticeable that they are pointing so much to each
    object/person? is it a usual thing in canada or something? :/

  14. I am gey


  15. This is disgusting!

  16. Hatters gonna hate… lol

  17. Ha gay

  18. You can tell which comments are anti-gay by the number of replies XD

    If you’re wondering about my stance, I’m not anti-gay, but I’m not gay

  19. Its pretty funny but why do they have to be so stereotypical? That sign was
    was the best though. 

  20. Nasty

  21. I love you guys! Your pranks are the best! I wish I could get pranked but
    I’d recognize everyone because I’ve seen every episode.

  22. Thats why HIV-AIDS is rampant 

  23. Stampy is gay everyone

  24. I played Sims 3 and was hooked up with around 20 women at once due to perks
    and shit and decided to be best friends with my butler since I did a lot of
    shit in my house and my butler apparently likes men and my sim was fucking
    okay with that. Took a bit before my sim and butler knew that with my sim 2
    sticks can’t light a campfire.

  25. These comments are really homophobic… Come on, guys. If you were gay you
    wouldn’t want to be put down so stop being inconsiderate. 

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