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Best Skunk Pranks – Best of Just For Laughs Gags | Subscribe! Something smells, and it ain’t a cat! Be glad that “Scratch and Sniff” technology hasn’t come …

25 thoughts on “Best Skunk Pranks – Best of Just For Laughs Gags

  1. Shunk

  2. The only one I might have fallen for would be where the skunk was real. I
    love animals and am familiar with what a skunk /really/ looks like when
    it’s about to spray. At least, I hope I wouldn’t be fooled. o.o

  3. omg i want a pet skunk !

  4. Funny

  5. Very cool

  6. So funny


  8. sooo.. funny

  9. Skunk pursuits = Best weight loss regime. 😉

    Just look at her run at 2:10. :P

  10. Fake screams and shitty music.

  11. Great job guys keep going.

  12. That skunk is so CUTE

  13. Lmao i love people’s reactions to the skunk 

  14. Nice

  15. i think it’s a badger

  16. so funny

  17. OMG what a bunch of pussies!


  19. its so fake 

  20. thats one way to get someone of a couch

  21. Look for the skunk necessities, the simple skunk necessities…

  22. Snucks r cute, and make u laugh on videos. I was laughing so much.

  23. skunks r really cute!!

  24. Fluffy skunk

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