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Big Shake Commercial Compilation + Original

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25 thoughts on “Big Shake Commercial Compilation + Original

  1. @rjfkaly yeah i totally agree! DUDE! if your bored check this good time waster! >>>

  2. This shit will be the next Viagra!

  3. OMG

  4. Worser Than Bath Salts

  5. At 0:44 their is two white girls in the background, gangrape.


  7. May contain cocain

  8. coz their haitian u dummy

  9. The whole time Iwas going “What da fuck”.

  10. Dédikasse po zot

  11. tewww funny

  12. Why is everyone who drinks it black ?

  13. So funny

  14. they’re haitian

  15. Vitamin calcium and putin

  16. BOL 

  17. hahaha funy


  19. wam u hatin or wat

  20. omfg hahahaha

  21. hularious!!

  22. why is there only brown people?

  23. My favorite is when the guy in the studio dranked it FUNNY AS FUCK

  24. oh boy i love dis commercial

  25. Dumbfuck.

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