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Bushman – Ghillie Suit Scare Prank – Bushman Scare Prank vs. Dogs (Ryan @theryanaward )

Get your suit here: Submit your Funny Video! Scaring poor little dogs around san francisco Vote for me here Buy your Ghillie suit here:

25 thoughts on “Bushman – Ghillie Suit Scare Prank – Bushman Scare Prank vs. Dogs (Ryan @theryanaward )

  1. ….any dog would try to kill you if they were trained to or mistreated. Not just pit bulls.

  2. Don’t be surprised if you get bitten one day!

  3. 1:41 ROFL!!!!

  4. Lol can’t even lie..ending was perfect ..I just barley said awwwww 😛

  5. At 1:10 what a pussy ass dog!!

  6. Good snipers make their own ghillie. Get a BDU (depending on your zone you’ll prefer a certain type of camo), sew a net on it and tie strands of different cloths, dyed jute… on it.

    This way you’ll mimetize much better. =)

  7. Good Snipers actually shoot people too…

  8. Anyway, ghillie’s purpose is still mimetizing.

  9. dat ass 0:39

  10. lol what if a dog would start peeing on him xD

  11. Chick at :40 🙂

  12. 2:45 that dog is clever

  13. where can you find the suit?? I looked in the description below but I could only find your blog.

  14. I added it to the description 🙂 thanks for watching

  15. 0:15 it’s sad seeing that little dog all alone :(

  16. Not all pitbulls would. Mine would run away and never come back XD

  17. way to copy edbassmaster

  18. Hes the king

  19. 1:47 Such a cute little dog.

  20. That’s nice to laugh hard before going to bed, greeting from France !

  21. i hope you get shot when scaring someone with your dumb junior high bullshit!!! hopefully a dog will chew your face off for teasing it someday when doing your best impression of a fucktard cunt!!!! you piece of shit!

  22. OMG you need a hug. Don’t have a heart attack

  23. That is the most dogs not on a leash that I have ever seen.

  24. how many dogs have pissed on u guys?

  25. you are the best! I just subscribed 🙂 keep it up

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