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Chris Kamara Funny Moments

Some of Chris Kamara’s mistakes on Soccer Saturday

25 thoughts on “Chris Kamara Funny Moments

  1. How an incompetent fool who fluffs his lines can get a job on TV just shows you how much of an incestuous old boys club Sky Sports really is.

  2. like the responses from the few who aint got a sense of humor, suprises me you actually like any sport at all apart from train spotting

  3. KSI and chris kamara fifa 13 commentators

  4. Retards. Kammy is not a commentator – he’s a pundit


  6. Jeff!! Reading have sco-hored!! 😀

  7. A pundit is someone who commentates on a particular subject. Retard!

  8. <3 Portsmouth

  9. 2.03 LOL

  10. KSI is a kammy want to be 🙂

  11. what a legend

  12. He looks like lionel richie

  13. Kamara for priminister

  14. Well thanks for splitting that hair for us, I’m sure we all feel pretty silly.

  15. “From a yard out, he couldn’t hit a barn door with a banjo..” hahaha haven’t heard that one before

  16. Well, your nearly on 200,000 now!

  17. “Fighting like beavers!”

  18. had to give 1 down to make it 420:3

  19. Is this real or is he just an actor this is my first time seeing this but this is hilarious

  20. no mate hes the real deal 😀

  21. we all do but none of them has his humor 😀

  22. Smile.

  23. Kamara you legend

  24. kamara is a legend,and the rest of the saturday team as well! brilliant!

  25. Unbelievable!

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