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Chuck Norris funny commercial

Hahahaha, you gotta see this one :D.

22 thoughts on “Chuck Norris funny commercial

  1. blugour

  2. Bitch, Please you have letters in your picture.

  3. make that three

  4. sorry it was me. my punch went through your screen

  5. Chucka Norris!!!!!!

  6. Make that four.

  7. Who are these posers?

  8. None of them. I’m the real deal.

  9. thats how i roll.

  10. ME!

  11. I am the REAL one!

  12. Excuse me Cordel…Walker… BUSH
    while I don my Chest Waders,before WE ALL Drown in Up-Chuckies’ Moose Chit.. :>)))

    What’s Next..Taming Tigers at Ringling..OR Air Punchin Champ at Ripleys,
    “Beleave it.??..and Most Likely NOT..

  13. if chuck norris was a real legend then he would come and beat me up with my own uiwqhofoigfuogawouifhwiofgogfwiohfo

  14. Chuck Norris is a true Legend

  15. i love it how there are atleast 4 or 5 people who all say there chuck norris in the comments lol !!!

  16. Chuck norris would never ever name a YouTube account chuck norris

  17. My God!

  18. I used to be Chuck Norris ’till i took an arrow to my knee.

    Ouch. It only hurts when I smile.

  19. Shit just got real

  20. I think Im gonna do hara-kiri now

  21. I create the awards hitting solid gold


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