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Craig Ferguson as Bing Hitler

Montreal Just For Laughs festival (July 1987). Copied from an old tape.

24 thoughts on “Craig Ferguson as Bing Hitler

  1. I remember when I first heard Craig mention on his show that he used to perform under then name Bing Hitler. I thought he was joking but looked it up on youtube and sure enough there it was.

  2. He reminds me of the lead singer from the Cure

  3. He is funny there, but man, you can tell he is FUCKED UP. Glad he is clean and sober now, the world would be a little less bright if it wasn’t for Craig Ferguson.

  4. Wow. Saw Bing Hitler live in 1987. He came on, said “I’m here to talk about things I hate”, and someone at the back shouted “Jocks!” (i.e. (for our American friends) Scotsmen). And he had no comeback. He just went to the back of the stage, crouched down and put his head in his hands and actually looked like he was crying. Or laughing. Or crying laughing, it was hard to tell. And then he stood up and got on with the act and was brilliant. Playing support for Harry Enfield… and where’s he now?

  5. GONG!

  6. He kind of looks like Robert smith with that hair.

  7. Apparently you haven’t read his autobiography. This would count as one of his good days back then because he was able to stand up . . .

  8. @YouzTube99 Actually i have read his autobiography. I’m sorry i didn’t remember him saying that

  9. how old was he then?

  10. 25 i think.

  11. Trying to copy Billy Connoly, but he failed miserably..

  12. did he dress like that on purpose?

  13. how the fuck does he looks like elvis?

  14. He does, I think.

  15. Yeah yeah yeah. Just like the name, his main objective was to be memorable, to shock people.

  16. that’s ridiculous, elvis never even had hair like that!

  17. The idea that this version of craig was a fan of doctor who just baffles me…

  18. He was actually pretty good back then

  19. daaaaamn his accent is strong here :))

  20. he looks like jason segel.

  21. when he was scottish and cool now he thinks hes cool

  22. fuck off, prick!

  23. Hahaha, WURR-UMS.

  24. I can see the “Elvis resemblance” some of you are talking about — it’s his eyes. Other than that he looks like a combo of Rodney Dangerfield meets Robert Smith (from the Cure). lol

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