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Crippled Man Prank Poor man in a full size cast can’t quite fit into a cab so a crazy pedestrian shows up to give him a very painful hand. A presentation of the Just For Laughs Gags. The funny hidden camera pranks show for the whole family. Juste pour rire les gags, l’émission de caméra cachée la plus comique de la télé!

25 thoughts on “Crippled Man Prank

  1. @ridewave444 well its either you pay or ads pay………u know they are not your parents

  2. @zimslam I knew it was a prank but I had the same reaction every time

  3. F#$K IT HURTS!!!

  4. 0:57 and 1:08 LOL

  5. he looks like Liev Schreiber hha

  6. @Jkvvon sissy

  7. JFL canada is way better than british.

  8. Don’t you guys notice that the scream at 0:04 is like the scream of a Mortal Kombat fatality? lol

  9. I think 1.06 knew it was a fake.

  10. 1:16 shirt Drink till you want me 😀

  11. i love cracking bones sound

  12. 1:07 “Tá doido moço?’

  13. Drink till you want me

  14. Awfull sound aaah 😀

  15. 0:57 Epic Reaction and 1:06 Epic face

  16. #LOL
    1.Pause video
    2.Press 8
    3.#LOL #LOL

  17. #LOL

    1.Pause video

    2.Press 9

    3.#LOL #LOL

  18. fuck !!!

  19. LOL

  20. It’s so funny how the people screamed along with the man! xD

  21. Wheres the taxi driver O.o

  22. 1:16 Ha! That guy had a great shirt. “DRINK TIL YOU WANT ME!”

  23. 057 and 1.07 best reactions for sure….

  24. @zimslam 1:06 is epic too

  25. Keep pressing 7 !! EPIC

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