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Cute Kid – Door to Door Salesman – Funny outtakes after the credits Check out the fun new Cute Kid video and join the team at KickStarter! He is a 2 1/2 year old with a job to do. He’s cute, but more importantly he knows that it’s all about moving product!

24 thoughts on “Cute Kid – Door to Door Salesman – Funny outtakes after the credits

  1. KONYA 2012 (search it, watch it, pass it)

  2. awwww sooo cute! ahaha “we can do this the easy way or we can do it the hard way”!!!!! OMG! LOL

  3. type in “shark time” funny video by a hot girl 🙂

  4. IF YOU LOVE ((jesus and his mother ))
    then you should watch this video (
    you will love them more and more believe me
    if the link doesn.t work write it in youtube search
    thank you

  5. Such a cute Kid but poor thing, didn’t look like much fun for him getting told once and again to do that!

  6. cute!

  7. 0:54 Have YOU ever beent to Mexico?

  8. 1.54-1.58 High on helium much ?;) haha his fucked up voice ..



  11. He Is Tooooooo Cute !! He Could Come To My Door Everyday Selling Magazines ! I’ll Buy All Of Them … Lol

  12. ” Pretty Please With Suga On Top ” Omg …. That Was Too Cute ….

  13. the boy is soo adorable x)x)

  14. toooo cute

  15. Actually, 2,5 minutes

  16. Adorable haha

  17. he IS going to be an actor

  18. He is the cutest little thing ever <3 I'm melting :)

  19. I like the song at the end. what’s it name please?

  20. I think he is ready for GE’s sigma training if not ill hire em as my hitman

  21. I took photos throughout the whole video on my iPhone. He is SO cute. I love how he talks and he is just adorably cute! Cutie cute cutie cute cutie cute cutie cute! CUTE (;

  22. I just want to pinch his wittow cheekies! He’s adorable! :o)

  23. He is so cute,little salesperson.
    If he comes to sale somthing to me
    I’ll buy.

  24. ths is fuggin awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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