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Dad at Comedy Barn

This is my father. Yes, that is his real laugh. Enjoy 🙂 Get my father’s iPhone APP to continue laughing:

25 thoughts on “Dad at Comedy Barn

  1. @acidee100 I don’t think you’re missing anything, you prob just don’t find it funny. I didn’t watch for the 9 mins but I did enjoy what I did watch. Its basically that this random guy they brought up, his laugh is so funny it makes others laugh. His laugh was definitely making me laugh as well.

  2. @Davetacular45

    I did laugh, but not like people say omg my cheeks were hurting or my stomach was about to explode from laughter, or the lauging girl lol.

    Its funny but not THAT funny, I can show u vids that are hysterical lol.

  3. @acidee100 Yeah I agree, its funny, not crazy funny.

  4. at 6:28 “I’m ’bout to go outta air!”. Me too sir, me too.

  5. I was actually at that show. LOL

  6. i love the comedy barn havent been there in probaly ten years

  7. hahaha! it never gets old!

  8. YOUR DAD IS SO CUTE =P made my day

  9. ối. cái dis. bùn cười vkl

  10. That has got to be the funniest thing I’ve ever seen on youtube!


  12. The guy on the left is just bored and forcing his laugh out.

  13. i might go outta air… Hiok-Hiok-Hiok-Hiok-Hiok-Hiok-Hiok-Hiok-Hiok-Hiok-Hiok-Hiok-Hiok-Hiok-Hiok-

  14. Zo grappig!! !xD

  15. watch?v​=XAZJzu1icGU very funny

  16. upstaged by a laugh haha

  17. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA LOL at first i though he was acting but i guess not

  18. I can’t stop crying LOL sooooo funny

  19. A challenge: Try not to laugh! XD
    There is virtually no way that you can stop laughing along with him! XD

  20. 2:01

    Ronny, get out here and get this dude a mic stand!


  21. lol!

  22. lmfaoooo

  23. lol

  24. :0 hes on the skype laughter chain xD hahaha

  25. When I went to the Comedy Barn, they showed the laughing before they did the actual thing with the foam stick things. XD It was hilarious.

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