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Dennis The Menace Vanishes – Just For Laughs Gag | Subscribe: This little Dennis the menace impersonator runs from a police officer, hides in a tent and van…

25 thoughts on “Dennis The Menace Vanishes – Just For Laughs Gag

  1. lol

  2. I hadn’t seen this, and I liked it.

  3. fucking idiot! why you put just for laughts gags video? you can’t do better
    -_-‘ fucking just kidding pranks

  4. You dug alot out for a 2 minute prank? wow…

  5. صدقت يأمعة

  6. If only they had those in parks all over. Would be so much fun.

  7. exactly! 🙂

  8. ??????????????????

  9. that little boy is so cute

  10. Congratufuckinglations

  11. Traitors

  12. hey mister wilson!!!! you suck

  13. reuploaded !!!!!

  14. i guess Trolls dont age 😛

  15. The grown up Denis is the real menace. lol

  16. They should pull a prank on the pranksters. Next time they could lock the
    exit of the tunnel and leave him in there for a while. Hahah!

  17. I love that kid So Very much!!!

  18. Israel Houghton!!

  19. That kid never seems to age….

  20. Smile

  21. I wanna join this crew and do gags and pranks 🙂 I have ever since I
    started watching ‘Just Kidding’ :)

  22. Very Good Prank I love you Marie and Dennis

  23. Very Good Prank

  24. Just kidding didn’t do this just for laughs did

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