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Dogs making funny faces – Funny and cute dog compilation

Some dogs can make really cool and funny faces don’t you think ­čśë But some also look a little bit scary or sooooo cute! Hope you like our compilation, please…

25 thoughts on “Dogs making funny faces – Funny and cute dog compilation

  1. ….´╗┐

  2. 0:44 epic trollface´╗┐

  3. 0:30 That dog couldn’t survive half second in the wild´╗┐

  4. First one looks like curtis granderson lol´╗┐

  5. 1:43 Doge’s Son

    What breed is that?´╗┐

  6. 2:30 LOL´╗┐

  7. Dogs look like they about to kill someone when the smile´╗┐

  8. 0:55 cute´╗┐

  9. Who doesn’t like dogs? ­čÖé So sweet lol x´╗┐

  10. 1:30 ­čśÇ :D´╗┐

  11. I’m afraid hahah´╗┐

  12. One dog was not smiling or making a funny face but rather a “I’m going to
    bite your face off” expression. Can you guess which one?´╗┐

  13. 0:38 now thats what i call smile dog´╗┐

  14. this video is very funny ´╗┐

  15. Aw my god its so sadd 0:52´╗┐

  16. Funniest dog clip I’ve ever seen is the one where the girl laughs and the
    dog laughs with her. Hysterical video!´╗┐

  17. 0:45 i’m gonna rape you face´╗┐

  18. That shiba is so cute!´╗┐

  19. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk´╗┐

  20. I love how 1/2 these dogs are showing there teeth as warnings. Basicly
    saying i love you but im about to bite u and im giving u a warning first.
    haha keep eging them on im sure ill see 1/2 these people in the news lol´╗┐

  21. 1:38 its smile dog´╗┐

  22. 00:21 LMFAO :DDD´╗┐

  23. That dog at 0:42 made me lose it XD ´╗┐

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