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Flight Of The Conchords On Just For Laughs

Hiphopopotamus Vs. Rhymenoceros Flight Of The Conchords Just For Laughs (2004) Best Of Just For Laughs Flight of the Conchords perform ”Hiphopopotamus Vs. R…

25 thoughts on “Flight Of The Conchords On Just For Laughs

  1. Almost 9 years wow

  2. that worked out much better in america with a smaller audience….

  3. They definitely refined this song for the better over the years.

  4. The audience wasn’t lame, they got it, too bad you didn’t:(

  5. Jay-z just got pwned

  6. Canadians can be slow, but the were the first who got the “40 years “joke
    by axis of awesome xD

  7. I laughed at the fact that 2 NewZealanders can rap better than most of
    todays big rappers. they’re awsome.

  8. my feedback is bottomless

  9. now I know why they haven’t been back to montreal lately

  10. This is in Canada…

  11. NZ crowds are even worse than this so I think they wouldn’t have minded

  12. a bad song? dude they could play this a million times and it would never
    get old!

  13. Did anybody else notice what a huge lineup that night?

  14. Such a shitty audience

  15. Liar.

  16. The crowd sucked balls

  17. @CarpeFeline93 Canada has a great sense of humor. Just these people don’t.

  18. wtf is wrong with the crowd…….

  19. mitch hedberg was there!?i wanna see that video

  20. It’s well known that Australians and New Zealanders have a rivalry. Which
    would explain the shitty crowd.

  21. I wish I could take parts of this with parts of other performances… I
    love the freestylez on this one and the “uh oh, uhoh uh oh uh oh here comes
    the hiphopopotomus!” but I want certain parts from other times to make it
    just perfect

  22. Bad crowd, but then again it wasn’t a FOTC gig, they had lots of other acts
    so prob most didn’t even know who they were and maybe didn’t understand the
    humour as they hadn’t seen the show.

  23. Dead audience

  24. What a shit audience

  25. Wow this crowd is awful they make it so hard for them..

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