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Funniest Commercials

this are some of the funny commercials that we laugh about every day enjoy it subscribe or comment

25 thoughts on “Funniest Commercials

  1. hexorz ya


  3. the first 1 realy got me crack up exlol

  4. hold your breath
    1.copy paste
    2.leave this comment on three different videos
    4.if you can holde your breth the while time with out gasping for air your a good kisser´╗┐

  5. lmao first one

  6. last one …

  7. excelentes los videos

  8. lmao hahahahha!

  9. haha 4:15 is awsome xD

  10. i LOVED do the dew XD

  11. lol @ the non blinking woman Lmao!!

  12. me la presta por 30 dias?

  13. The first was the best, ahh Fiat…

  14. man the first one was the best :D:D

  15. the first one was brilliant

  16. lol the none blinking woman is so damn funny

  17. the first n P magazine is very funny

  18. Number 3


  19. 3 was weird!

  20. 4 is silly!

  21. Where did that kid learn that !!!! ­čśŤ

  22. the woman didn’t blink. she just didn’t close her eyes

  23. the woman didn’t blink. she just closed her eyes

  24. hahaha the last one (:

  25. funny

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