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Funniest Drowning Park – Just For Laughs

Funniest Growning Park – Just For Laughs very funny video watch it and i hope that you will enjoy it

25 thoughts on “Funniest Drowning Park – Just For Laughs

  1. @goku21060 lol umm yea i kno that…but u’re using a faulty analogy…the dude is black..get over it!

  2. @goku21060 IF U WERE IN THE MAN’S PLACE….MY COMMENT WUD BE “THAT WHITE DUDE IS FLIPPING OUT” so you are gonna try to tell me that you are not white but IRISH?? OR A FRENCHMAN?? GET OVER YOURSELF

  3. where did the man go when he wen’t all the way down??

  4. i did not like that one

  5. 0:58 ditch his girlfirend? lol

  6. 0.58 he went looking for the other man

  7. Did he die?

  8. The second actor was supposed to look down and scream “Oh my god, he can’t swim!” ^^

  9. @tinjmail oh stop complaining its not that bad

  10. @DamienRUs666 : Well, this is how I feel! And it’s none of your damn business!

  11. SOOO funny!!! I would freak out too if I was in their shoes

  12. Relaxing…

  13. Lol this part like Saw movie xD

  14. awesome

  15. spelling fails everywhere

  16. spit @ a dude that ran away leaving his gf at the crime scene.

  17. @qphuc85 i think he went in search of that guy which is a wiser thing to do right at that moment…i wud do the same thing anyway as the machine was not working to pull him up 🙂

  18. black dude was awesome

  19. it might be funny to watch this, but its kinda cruel to play these kind of jokes on those poor people……

  20. Was the black guy laughing hysterically or crying for help?


  22. @dandyboykb I think he ran for help

  23. this joke is a bit extreme

  24. would have been hilarious if one of the jumped in to try and save him

  25. this is too much… trauma…

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