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Funniest Farting Girl Prank – Just Kidding | Subscribe: An innocent little girl asks for some help to hold a broken porta-potty door… and then proce…

25 thoughts on “Funniest Farting Girl Prank – Just Kidding

  1. Disgusting but funny LoL..

  2. xD now thats what i call gassy comedy xD

  3. Funny

  4. pvp is better eveyone knows that

  5. Hope that mother natures wind doesn’t lose it’s job

  6. Lol

  7. Pseudo-science. DERPDERP.

  8. Pedo alert!

  9. The joys of having a Pooter.

  10. Wow. So not…………..

  11. And if that was real the people would of opened the toilet and she would of still been on the toilet.

  12. If this was real she would be screaming FUUUUUUUUUUUU the entire time.

  13. My stomach hurts lol,great video…

  14. I wonder what would happen if it wasnt revealed

  15. nice purrrrrrrrr furrrrrrrrrrr foooooooooooo,

  16. oh i watch this on TV

  17. 1:03 Such a beauty

  18. so wrong but quite funny

  19. You guys should play the audio! It would make it soo much funnier!! Just a suggestion.

  20. =D =D =D =D

  21. I love this episode :)

  22. What are you talking about. They most likely knew each other, hence them both having towels.

  23. Hahaha :D

  24. 0:22 Malcolm X

  25. george washington!

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