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FUNNIEST Football Moments EVER rock your own videos! – Really cool compilation of different football moments football goals great amazing soccer best goal player funny compilation lol rofl omg nice n1 crazy fun tore fussball lustiges lustig gol futbol fouls fight goals fun youtube money

25 thoughts on “FUNNIEST Football Moments EVER

  1. I like the last bit, “YEAH, WE GOT A GOAL!, WTF, WHERE IS EVERYONE?”

  2. @markhorneyuk lol

  3. @markhorneyuk lol

  4. Dam Hella Funny Shit Rite Here.. 2:02 haha Hella Funny Shit

  5. /watch?v=C7qCzS1Mc0Y lol dont watch this…….

  6. Suprise that a Fatal stubbed toe wasnt the worse injury in this.

  7. FUCK this is soccer!

  8. lol

  9. this is soccer, dumbo

  10. @legofan2600 you use your foot and you kick a ball, hence the name football, retard

  11. only in america this is england and everywhere else it’s FOOTBALL ­čśë

  12. @legofan2600 and running around with a ball in your hand is football. your parents must be proud.

  13. 2:17 that is where manu’s hernandez found inspiration for his 1st goal for them.

  14. i died behind my comp rofling

  15. 1:08 I love it how he fakes a injury when he fail his little show there ­čśÇ

  16. @FieryMastermind 1:00 i mean ­čśÇ

  17. If you find 0:38 funny you really are weird. (Or just completely unaware of how life threatening that is)

  18. thats not how you spell Football its Futbul

  19. wouldnt be pro soccer without flopping

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  21. did alan shearer just sent off a refferee? xD

  22. @0:38 96 People Died because of that, it’s not funny and if you think it is your sick!

  23. 0:21 WORST EPIC FAILLLLL 0:21

  24. Thumbs Up if you think the Medics are DRUNK!!!

  25. 1:41 not funny its tragic people was killed !

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