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Funniest Video In The World Ever – Try Not To Laugh If You Can. ahahaha

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25 thoughts on “Funniest Video In The World Ever – Try Not To Laugh If You Can. ahahaha

  1. WTF?! How’s this funny? It’s pure dangerous…………..

  2. None of them are funny

  3. WTF happend at 2:15

  4. I didn’t even smile at one of these

  5. stupid laguhed 0,000000000000000000.000000000000 times

  6. This isn’t funny its takin the piss out of soldiers who serve for our

  7. It’s boreding

  8. Gotta like the part where the helicopter dives on a crowd of people many
    died……. Honestly he only two funny vids the retard trying to rob a
    store and runs into the glass automatic door and the other retard trying to
    slide down escalator brims

  9. The others were not really funny but this was 3:04 to 3:14 ITS WAS SO

  10. Its not even 1 percent funny!

  11. Whoever thought this was funny has no sense of humor…

  12. not funny

  13. I lost it on the first one…I made the mistake of repeating his reaction
    when the rock was thrown in near the croc

  14. they were interesting and some were funny. 

    I wish i see you on streets. Half of this people could die. Some died of
    broke leg, arm whatever. You should be ashamed. This is sad not funny -.-

  16. wow u suck only 1/3 of these are funny and the rest people are dying ur

  17. I want to say these were funny, but tbh they weren’t …for me. OMG 2:46,
    NO more

  18. Anyone else notice that this is Fail Army’s video?

  19. None of this was funny in fact it was dumb as shit. 

  20. only one was funny, the rest were just the army doing stupid shit

  21. how is this even funny?

  22. Some of these have people being hurt badly… Like the helicopter that
    crashes into a crowd of people, most likely killing some of them…There is
    NOTHING funny about that.

  23. one of those guys almost got eaten by a croc! how is that funny in any way
    at all?!?!?!

  24. how is this video funny?
    Its dryyyyyyyyyyy

  25. the only thing that made me slightly smile not even laugh is wen the guy
    got his hat shot off

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