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Funny, Baby Food 1st First Time eating Solids rice cereal

Our 6 month old trying Rice Cereal for the 1st time. Too funny.

24 thoughts on “Funny, Baby Food 1st First Time eating Solids rice cereal

  1. Funny guy! Sounds almost like he’s cursing it at one point! 

  2. He’s sure telling you about that awful food. No more please. I would rather have my bottle please.

  3. he’s sure telling someone off ,, he’s so adorable and cute. and he doesn’t like that cereal

  4. dont blame him for not liking rice cereal, its vile…my boy didnt like it either.

  5. Thats too cute, my little girl goes back and forth between licking it and hating it, I love his faces though. Just so darn cute

  6. He is trying his best to tell you something. He’s so cute. He is very expressive and that’s just precious.

  7. So cute rofl

  8. lol my baby nephew used to do the same things but would get fussy if I stopped feeding him -_- haha

  9. LOL

  10. I want a baby

  11. Cute!!

  12. hi

  13. Poor thing, so funny thou

  14. how old is he? mines nearly 5mnths old , hes looks about the same size but cant sit up like that lol

  15. @1979rhino He was 6 months old in this video and quite the little chunk. Its such a fun age huh?

  16. I wonder if he is going to use this kind of body language for the rest of his life. He is just the most expressive baby I ever saw.

  17. So funny & cute !

  18. Oh Jenn….That’s just hilarious!!!

  19. Oh look its baby Hitler 😀

  20. Rice cereal is disgusting! and it has no nutritional value to it at all.

  21. That’s hilarious. Our doctor told us to put rice cereal in the milk I put in my son’t bottles. He wasn’t even 2 months old yet, but the formulas weren’t thick enough for him (for some reason) and he did really well with that.

  22. OMG!  He’s so adorable. Pretty funny video 🙂

  23. hahaha angry faces!

  24. just b4 the last spoon full it sounded like he sed bad food :)

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