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Check out my other corgi videos !! This is our dog , her name is Lucy Lu … She loves having her bel…


  1. must be torture

  2. Lucy lu? that’s such a cute name for a cute dog 🙂

  3. Actually Pembroke Welsh Corgis are rarely born with a tail. If they are, it can be docked, but isn’t always. The Pembroke Corgis have the full tail.

  4. I have owned corgis for the past 16 years.  They have the funniest personalities, and are very friendly.

  5. very funny dog !! i wish all we have one corgi like yours !!!

  6. So cute!

  7. That is adorable! I want a corgi!

  8. “You better roll over…(ninja foot comes in to help)” Hahahaha laughed so hard.

  9. Nigahiga

  10. this is very cute!

  11. Corgis are so awesome, and fat corgis are even more awesome, although I keep mine healthy due to possible back injuries.

  12. corgis have a heard time rolling over. cus they have no legs.

  13. Such a happy dog 🙂 my blue heeler does that same thing when she wants her belly rub lol

  14. Some Pembroke Welsh Corgis are born with long tails, some are born with short, stubby tails, but they are all banded when they are a few days old, just like sheep. The Cardigan Welsh Corgi keeps his long tail. Keep in mind that other country’s breed standard allows for a tail for the Pembroke, though up until very recently the breed standards were the same regarding tails.
    Check out the breed info on the Pembroke and Cardigan Welsh Corgi’s national website or at

  15. Breeding your Corgi can be problematic because some of them require a C-section. They also have inherited conditions that have to be screened for so you decrease the likelihood of passing them on to the puppies.

  16. shit got serious for a second at 1:33

  17. got serious for a second at 1:33

  18. NIGGA I pet her all day everyday all day everyday….. All day everyday

  19. My corgi usually rolls over to get pettings. Though, she won’t do that. If she wants more, she’ll usually touch my hand with her nose.

  20. she isnt asking for her owner to stroke she is asking for help getting back up and needs rolled over =P

  21. You got to ich her not lightly move your hand up and down her belly

  22. Love corgis

  23. I miss my Molly.  Is there a mature little girl corgi waiting for me

  24. I have a papillion thats acts just like your Corgi and my dog is named Lucy too and I call her Lucy Lue.

  25. So cute! Your Corgi is so adorable <3

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