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Funny Dingdong Ditch Prank Gone Wrong


25 thoughts on “Funny Dingdong Ditch Prank Gone Wrong

  1. well at least the camera man was cute… ;D hahaha

  2. never do it 2 times

  3. Nevr hit the same house more then once you freaken stupid ass

  4. Yea nice hiding spot at the end retard.

  5. That was so funny

  6. That looks like his mom

  7. FAKE….. he would notice u in the open with a camera staring at em…

  8. when i heard the phrase “gone wrong” i thought i was gonna see him get shot, not get chased by a disney kid

  9. lmfao they are dumb at the end of video they could got eggs and threw it at the lady but a bush close to a buildin to get away.

  10. Hummmm…I’m sooo wondering who did this….oh no this is impossible the guy over there filming..not him…………

  11. i always ding dong ditch with out shoes

  12. its fake lol

  13. i would of trucked that boy that id running

  14. lol

  15. Funny

  16. I used to ding dong ditch…….then I turned…well…IT’S FUN!! XD

  17. lol

  18. the lil kid trys to kill you

  19. i do this but once i got caught by a little kid and they chased me so i threw my flip flop at them…..i missed…..

  20. who does this during the day???

  21. Me

  22. i used to ding dong ditch then i turned 26

  23. I ding dong ditched all my neighbors well then I got chased by some angry people.

  24. Its calles nigga knock

  25. Just run the kid over

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