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Funny dog – prison break

visit my site for some fun! Look how did the dog escape 😀

25 thoughts on “Funny dog – prison break

  1. Blah blah!

  2. Lol beagle say ha I’m free other dog says ha ur not ur stuck beagle then says look I’m a cat meow xx Fu ny

  3. Funny vid

  4. Well… nobody expected that !!

    Super dog!!!!

  5. if i wanted my dogs to injure themselves i’d film them doing this too…

  6. poor thing

  7. Seriously after working that hard he deserves never to be pinned up again! I know many humans with less creativity and determanation then that!

  8. Stupid dog prisons are for people

  9. no way

  10. шарит! интилект!!

  11. I can’t like or dislike rate this for a reason. I like that the dog is smart enough to figure this out. But I dislike that these dogs are locked up like this. That’s cruel. Animals need to run and get sunshine. The determination of this dog prooves that they are unhappy in these conditions. Let them out asshole. They are dogs. Not birds.

  12. 28 dogs couldnt escape.

  13. Check out my video for “Buy a Dog” from the San Francisco band called Luce, enjoy

  14. a real life kat dog.

  15. That’s great!!! Please watch spike worlds best bulldog. Spike says I love u. Thanks

  16. lol 28 dogs could not,,, escape prison!!

  17. yeah little doggy!You did it!

  18. it’s a freakin beagle!

  19. 🙂 Yay! Mission Impossible music would be fitting

  20. ninja dog

  21. other dogs got shafted guted.

  22. the house next door was on fire they were all left for dead.
    1:42 dog says – dont leave us asshole

  23. Dude that dog is BEAST!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome

  24. 1:12 Dog: aww shit im stuck

  25. he must really hate that place lol

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