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Funny Dogs in Boots for the First Time Compilation 2014 [NEW HD]

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25 thoughts on “Funny Dogs in Boots for the First Time Compilation 2014 [NEW HD]

  1. thisis not animal cruelty shut up.

  2. Really funny dogs

  3. juokiausi iki asaru :D

  4. 2:08 matrix :D


  6. To all you idiots, who defend this crap and say “they are doing this for
    their protection, and thats why they put the shoes on inside” are
    delusional. The dogs cant walk 5 feet with those shoes, how do they
    supposed to walk with them outside for a long time? Its stupid. Dogs do
    have thick skin on the paws for a reason. This IS theyre protection from
    nature. Thats how evolution works. This shoes are bullshit and imo a minor
    case of animal abuse. Im disgusted about all you people being “okay” with
    it. And Dogs do have a thick fur, they dont need clothings to all you other
    idiots. Human can be so stupid in their attempt to “humanize” animals. And
    yes, i am a dog owner for many years. This is bullshit.


  8. Dogs regulate their body temperature through their feet, so putting shoes
    and socks over them, prevent this regulation. Yes, this is animal abuse.
    You people are jokes.

  9. ???

  10. I wanna try this with my dog!!

  11. We were thinking of getting some Roamancing red boots for our furry little
    friends, but then we saw this, and realized we’d get a pretty funny looking
    stomp out of them, so it wouldn’t really be fair!

  12. И смешно и грешно…
    А нужно ли это вообще?

  13. im thinking of getting shoes formy dog as it has just gone through hell
    with a grass seed stuck in its foot, using human tech to defend your animal
    against the dangers of nature isnt animal cruelty

  14. making my Monday

  15. The dog at 1:03 is really skinny

  16. Never feel bad for a dog in clothes or boots, or riding in a purse. Why?
    Because it means they’re LOVED. Someone thought of them enough to buy them
    clothes, to keep their feet warm and protected, and to travel with them
    safely and in comfort.

    Take that compassion and pity on down to your local animal shelter where
    it’s needed.

  17. Funny dog boots training!
    I love the outro!

  18. Please don’t torture the innocent animals for your fun. It is not correct.
    Let the animals be them self.

  19. hahahahaha ok divertente per un po’ ma solo per chi guarda, molto meno per
    i cani ergo badilate sui denti ai padroni! XD

  20. 決して
    履かせては・・クククッ いけませぬ(笑♪

  21. Ces pauvres bêtes, elles ont l’impression d’être punies, parce qu’elles ont
    une bêtise, vous savez pour nous c’est marrant, mais pas pour elles. J’ai
    eu des chiens je sais de quoi je parle, alors pitié, hein! Merci. 

  22. animal cruelty

  23. Oh my God… Animal cruelty… 

  24. I don’t think this is animal cruelty, the animal doesn’t get hurt or
    injured. But i think it’s really mean. If they need the boots for medical
    purposes, that’s okay. But when you just put the boots on for your
    entertainment, just to have a laugh, that’s mean. The dog doesn’t know
    what’s going on, it’s confused because it can’t feel the ground anymore.
    The dog is confused because of your need for a laugh.
    I’m not saying that that is the case in the video. I don’t know the dogs or
    owners or the reason they put the boots on, so i can’t judge.

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